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Combining the tone-enhancing power of V-Class bracing with superstar tonewoods and player-friendly design, the revitalized 800 Series sits at the intersection of playability, musicality and design sophistication. Now fully outfitted with V-Class bracing across all models (excluding nylon-string models), the 800 Series has been consolidated with its Deluxe counterpart, bringing a new layer of visual style and ergonomic comfort to this already venerated line of premium acoustic guitars.

Working to accentuate the sonic details of each body shape while overhauling the way these guitars produce tone, Andy Powers introduced V-Class bracing to the 800 Series and 800 Deluxe Series in 2018, replacing the upgraded advanced performance bracing with the revolutionary V-shaped design to coax more volume and sustain out of these rosewood/spruce guitars. Andy’s game-changing interior architecture helped level the playing field between the two parts of the 800 Series, inspiring us to merge the two families and further refine the inviting playing experience that has drawn players to these guitars for decades.

 As part of the update, we’ve introduced a radius-style armrest to all 14-fret Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert models in the 800 Series, along with non-cutaway versions for players seeking a more traditional aesthetic and feel.