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We have had the opportunity and privilege here at Casino Guitars to play almost every guitar made out there and it is not very often that we are absolutely blown away and amazed by something new. 

We stumbled across an Echopark Clarence Custom and that was all she wrote. There was something new and exciting yet immediately familiar and comfortable about this piece that we couldn't put our finger on. From there we reached out to the maker behind these pieces, Gabriel Currie to learn more. After almost a year of conversations, collaborations, meetings, and some serious playing we knew that we had found a guitar maker that we could not only stand behind but truly loved.

Casino Guitars and Echopark Guitars are proud to present this line of instruments designed to fit the needs of the modern guitarist. Baxter and Gabriel have worked out an amazing line of exclusive instruments only available at Casino Guitars that we firmly believe are some of the finest and most unique guitars available.

For a modern playing instrument that looks firmly to the future with a serious nod to the past, look no further than Echopark Guitars
If you are seeking a handmade instrument that bleeds soul and oozes tone, you have found it. Each and every instrument that is created by Gabriel Currie for Echopark Guitars® is the product of a deeply bred lineage of craftsmanship. For a guitar built with love in mind; for a piece of art that has been coddled and cared for from its inception; for a practical yet dynamic tool that is second-to-none for making music; welcome yourself into the ever-expanding world of handmade Echopark Guitars®. As a very small operation servicing all of our valued players needs and maintaining our quality and care are the most important job's we do aside from crafting the instruments themselves. Effective May 1,2021 The first week of each month beginning on Monday. We will open our online custom shop for a limited number of new orders, dedicating ourselves to answering all customer's requests and taking 'in person' appointments at our new Downtown Detroit facility beginning August 2021. In 2021 we are embracing new production methods that will enhance our total quality and increase our delivery times for DT models to 4-6 Month's and all custom orders from 10-12 mos.