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Few people have built more “S”- and “T”-Style guitars than John Cruz. Over the past 40 years, he has mastered what makes them some of the most popular musical instruments on Earth. More importantly, he has created ways to get around their inherent limitations. John Cruz builds two models incorporating the best of all worlds. Options include body wood, fretboard, headstock finish, body and neck finish, and condition.

The team at Casino Guitars will be your direct line to John Cruz Custom Guitars. We stand ready to walk you through the process of building your dream guitar. Click on the link below to get in touch with the team at Casino and we can get the process started. We have been with John since the inception of his new line and were deeply involved with the launch of what we think are some of the best guitars on the planet.  These guitars might be the pinnacle of his building career and we are thrilled to be one of the exclusive John Cruz Custom Dealers!


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