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Meet the Team
James Villone
  • A consummate lover of all things Neil Young and Carly Ray Jepsen, James is a master of the fretboard and a phenomenal producer. He is an expert at finding the right instrument for the discerning player whether it be the finest in acoustics or an outrageous pairing of the right electric guitar and the right amplifiers and pedals. James will always go the extra mile when trying to pair the player with the instrument. His talent in music is contagious and we see how it inspires everyone he works with to find the right guitar.
Sean Diesfield
  • Our newest member of the team, Sean has made himself an invaluable asset to the Casino with his uncanny work ethic. His work ethic is matched only by his ear and his desire to make sure that everyone who comes through our door leaves with a happy face. Sean is an expert with effects pedals and if you ever want to go down that rabbit hole, Sean will surely dive in head first with you. 
Derrick Numbers
  • Derrick spent a career in the military honing his skills on making sure this shop runs like a smooth oiled guitar delivering machine. Nothing gets past him or those perfect photographs you see on the website (those are his doing as well). And when it comes to financing your next guitar, Derrick knows his way around an accounting spreadsheet better than your broker at Edward Jones. He's also one of the best singer songwriters you may be lucky enough to hear when visiting Southern Pines. 
Baxter Clement
  • Has spent a lifetime in music from touring the world with bands way better than he deserved to be with to playing in the pits of Broadway in NYC, Baxter has developed an ear and a heart for bringing the best instruments back to us. He loves helping find the right guitar that will inspire and thrill you for years to come. And if you are ever here on an unboxing day you will see him sniffing the woods as they are first opened, he is a wood and tone junkie who we think sleeps with his strat and wakes up to his Lowden.
Jonathan Robinson 
  • Is one of the busiest fellas at the Casino as he is here almost everyday and then when he is not, he's on the road with his band spreading Southern based blues jams across the country. If you have any questions on the build, options, construction, or really just anything guitar related he probably has the number. Jonathan worked at Gibson and is not only obsessed with the Les Paul but also used to build them. His wife often writes for us to send him home intermittently.