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Martin Strings Titanium/Nckl 160


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Martin Re-invents the Acoustic Guitar String

Utilizing a round titanium core, and nickel wrap wire applied with Martin's proprietary winding technique, Martin Titanium Core acoustic guitar strings promise a new level of playing comfort, response, and corrosion resistance. The special winding process maximizes coupling between the wrap wire and the round titanium core, while also preventing stress on the core wire at the ball-end. And the plain stainless steel strings have been cryogenically-treated for longer string life and reduced finger drag. Guitarists at Sweetwater agree, Martin Titanium Core strings are a fresh take on acoustic guitar strings.

Light Tension for a relaxed feel

You may have noticed that Martin Titanium Core strings don't specify the included string gauges. That's because these strings sets are designed with a focus on the overall set tension, and some individual string gauges deviate somewhat from what you'd normally expect to see in a given set. This is a Light Tension set — if you're used to playing "Light Gauge" phosphor bronze strings, this is the set for you.

Martin Titanium Core Acoustic Guitar Strings Features:

  • Acoustic guitar strings with round titanium core and nickel wrap wire
  • Light Tension set — comparable to most Light Gauge phosphor bronze string sets
  • Plain stainless steel strings are cryogenically-treated for longer life and smoother feel
  • Round core and proprietary winding process maximize coupling between core and wrap wire
  • Comfortable playability with less finger fatigue and longer lifespan