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Lowden S-50 Walnut (NAMM Showpiece Limited to Three Worldwide)


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This was the piece of the Winter NAMM Show! This piece is made of master grade Walnut for the top, back, and sides. The binding and armrest is made of top level flame maple. This wood on this piece is so spectacular that George only had enough of it to make three pieces for the entire world, one for Europe, one for Asia, and one for the Americas. We were thrilled to be able to get it and bring her back here. The tones are outstandingly articulate, warm, and there are phenomenal and unique overtones that present themselves after the decay begins on each note. We found this piece particularly thrilling when playing single note runs and finger style where the tones could grow and speak. 
The playability on this is outstanding and we would be amiss to forget the inlays that put this instrument into a different class all together. 

  • Hand-Built In Northern Ireland
  • Mastergrade Figured Walnut Top, Back, and Sides
  • Flamed Maple Armrest/Soundbox Bevel
  • 14-Fret Build
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • 50 Series Rosette 
  • Leaf Abalone Inlay
  • Extended Fingerboard
  • Mastergrade Headfacing 
  • Deluxe Lowden Hardshell Case