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Taylor 322e 12-fret Shaded Edgeburst


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The owner of the shop is obsessed with these little wonders. He has had we believe two of them and there are no signs of him stopping! The sweet tone this Mahogany and Tasmanian Blackwood box delivers is gorgeous. This is not the loudest Taylor by any stretch but it is one of the most overtone rich and warm guitars we have heard from them! This is the perfect finger style Taylor and the overtones are complex and rich. Being a 12-fret playing across the entire fretboard is an easy feat. There are no huge leaps and the scale is superbly comfortable. 
The V-Class bracing lends extra power, sustain and sweetness to this non-cutaway 12-fret Grand Concert, broadening its musical range. Blackwood back and sides produce a strong voice—even in small-body GC—with a pleasing midrange focus and a splash of top-end shimmer, while the mahogany top adds a touch of natural compression to smooth out the response from top to bottom.
The combination of a 12-fret neck, slightly shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length, and a shifted bridge position (closer to the center of the lower bout) produces a slinkier handfeel. This will make an excellent choice for players who crave the comfort of a compact frame. It also makes a great guitar for recording, and with the ES2 electronics, produces a clear, flavorful amplified sound. Distinctive aesthetic features include a shaded edgeburst top, all-satin finish, and small diamond inlays in Italian acrylic.

Taylor 322e Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Comfortable Grand Concert body style provides excellent tonal balance
  • Rich tone and looks from a mahogany/blackwood design
  • Taylor Expression System 2 electronics deliver superior sound onstage

Comfortable Grand Concert body style provides excellent tonal balance

One of Taylor's most comfortable body styles, the 322e's smaller-than-average Grand Concert shape is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a more manageable instrument. Its compact body and short-scale neck make the 322e a particularly good fit for fingerstylists and players who have a shorter reach.

Rich tone and looks from a mahogany/blackwood design

A tropical mahogany top gives the Taylor 322e its complex lows and controlled midrange. Back and sides made from Tasmanian blackwood - a cousin of koa wood - enhances harmonic content and gives this guitar a custom look under stage lights. A dark stain gives the mahogany top a moody look to match its complex sound.

Taylor Expression System 2 electronics deliver superior sound onstage

Artists who play plugged in will appreciate the natural-sounding Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics onboard the 322e acoustic guitar. This system features a three-section proprietary pickup located behind the guitar's saddle for clear and accurate sound reproduction. A master volume control and a pair of tone controls let you tweak your sound and output from the stage, and a discreet phase switch offers vital onboard feedback suppression. For direct tone you can depend on, Sweetwater guitarists recommend Taylor ES2 electronics.

Taylor 322e Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Comfortable Grand Concert body with a short-scale neck
  • Tropical mahogany produces a rich, deep tone
  • Tasmanian blackwood back and sides enhance harmonics and projection
  • Great for fingerpicking to light strumming
  • Ebony fretboard improves clarity and note definition
  • Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics provide natural sound reproduction and a full dynamic response
  • Balanced output for noise-free amplification