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1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr.


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Every now and then we are lucky enough here at the Casino to have a spectacular piece come through and this is one of those days!
Here we have a truly spectacular vintage piece. A 1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr. In TV Yellow. 100% original and in spectacular shape. The checking is just perfect with no real damage to the piece. The aging is spectacular and the color of the TV Yellow has softened to a gorgeous hue. But the real joy of this piece is it's 1958 single pickup that fuels this engine. We were blown away by how much bite and growl we were able to get out of this piece just with a Fender Deluxe Reverb. There is a deep warmth to the tone and with the squeeze of your pick you can immediately push the pickup into a wonderful dirt and bite. 

The pots are pristine and there are no crackles or lags in the tone at all. The frets are in fantastic condition for a piece of this age. They are vintage and small but they play great and can handle the demands of a modern player. 
We experimented with different tensions of strings and found the 11's made this piece sing with a bit of overdrive. The warmth and gumminess available on this student model from the 50's just blew us away. 

These were introduced in 1954 and it is no shock to us that these are still some of the most sought after pieces of guitar collectors everywhere still to this day.
This piece has an aftermarket case. Checkout the demo to see the dripping tone on this one!