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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R4 Gold Top VOS


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The Gibson Custom Shop is coming to Casino Guitars and they are coming with a vengeance with this sweet and soulful R4! This instrument is one in the hand selected batch just brought home to us and we couldn't be more excited. The PAF's growl with a level of intensity that both bring back memories of the 50's and also make the hair on our arms stand up! The neck pickup has a smooth bark that is undeniably Gibson and a true joy to play. Individual notes ring through and the compression pulls and tugs at a great level. This is not the pickup for the feint of heart. It does have a mind of its own and when you lay into a notes she really barks back. Chording is all an impressive and exciting adventure. There is a warmth that is deep and punctuates with a harder attack. Individual notes really can ring out and the overtones are not hidden at all. Then we move onto the bridge and a truly vintage sounding pickup arrises. There is a fantastic "underwound" sound that allows for a great dynamic range in your playing. It doesn't overpower but with a bit of attack the growl does come out in all of its fierceness. Together the pickups have a great balance that lean away from the "janglyness" and more toward a warm balance, almost a tone sandwich as we like say.

The neck has a fantastic chunkiness to it. It fits the hand perfectly if you are looking for a thick early 50's neck carve. It is not too large to be daunting but a great overall carve.  The light stained mahogany back and neck really sets off nicely against the historically down gold top. The dark rosewood fretboard looks great and the feel on the fretwork is outstanding. The period correct electronics really lend toward a truly "vintage" sounding piece. Honestly this is one of our favorite Gold Tops that we've come across and were are very excited for it to find a permanent home but also sad at the idea of her leaving. 

  • 24.75" scale length; 1.69" nylon nut
  • Kluson single-line/single-ring tuners
  • Factory strings: Gibson 0.010–0.046, standard tuning
  • Single-action truss rod, headstock access
  • Includes Custom Shop certificate of authenticity
  • Quality crafted in the USA
  • Mahogany body, 2-piece plain maple top; VOS nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard, 12" radius, 22 historic narrow tall frets, cellulose nitrate trapezoid inlays
  • 2 Vintage Style Custom Shop Pickups
  • Vintage Correct Bridge
  • 3-way pickup selector switch
  • Volume and tone controls for bridge and neck pickups
  • Rare chance to own Brand New Gibson Custom Shop at Extremely Discounted Price, reg $ 6704!!!