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Fender Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster Journeyman relic in Flashcoat Faded Aged Chocolate 3-tone Sunburst


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We thought this was a true '59 when we spend the case for the first time. The flash coat lacquer must have some magic imbued in it as we really did see, feel, and yes smell a 1959 Strat when we first saw this piece. Not to spend too much time on the look but it really is uncanny with the color, fading, texture, and sheen of this one. The feel is "vintage" as well. When we picked her up by the horns it felt nostalgic and immediately comfortable in our hands. 
It is hard to go wrong with the Hand Wound Fat 50's as well. We absolutely love these pickups. Try to imagine a great 50's sounding Strat. Then add a bit of John Mayer and a wonderful bass explosion and viola...the Fat 50's live!
The neck is a nice, modest, and outrageously comfortable oval "C." This is a rare chance at a 50's spec'd guitar with a transition neck carve if you are looking for a non "V." 
Tonally she is another stunner. The instrument can coax out Hendrix inspired tones to Buddy Holly in a breeze. And it truly is effortless to get these magical tones while doing it. 

Model Number: CS150700
Serial Number: CZ550974
Finish Package: journeyman
Case: FCS Chocolate Hard Case
Weight: 7.94lbs

Body Wood: Alder
Body Color: Chocolate 3-tone sunburst
Body Finish: Nitro Lac
Sort for Lightweight: Yes

Hardware Plating: Nickle/Chrome
Bridge Assembly: Strat Vintage Relic 
Output Assembly: Vintage relic
Control Assembly: Strat Vintage Mod Wiring #2 Relic
Neck Plate: Engraved Ltd Vintage Relic 
Back Plate & Trem Cover: Vintage Strat Parch Relic
Tremolo Arm: Vintage Relic
Tremolo Arm Tip: White Relic
Tuner Keys: Vintage W/ Fender logo Relic 
String Gauge: 10-46

Neck Assembly: Maple
Neck Finish: FLash Coat MED TINT
Neck Blank: Maple Rift Sawn
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Truss Rod: Early 60's
Head Style: Small
Neck Head Thickness:0.575"
Neck Scoop: 59
Dot Spacing: Wide
Face Dot: Micarta white .250
Side Dot: Micarta White 3/32
Fret Wire: 6105
Number of Frets: 21
Fingerboard Radius: 9.50"
Neck Back Shape: 60's Oval "C"
Neck Nut Width: 1.650
Neck Thickness at 1st Fret: .810"
Neck Thickness at 12th Fret: .950"
Neck Butt Width: 2.200"
Nut Material: Bone
Number of Bolts: 4
Head Cap Decal: 56-60s Strat
Pickguard: 56 Strat Parch Relic
Pickup Neck: Hand Wired Fat 50's Neck
Pickup Middle: Hand Wired Fat 50's Middle
Pickup Bridge: Hand Wired Fat 50's Bridge
Control Knobs: Vintage White Relic
Selector Switch Tip: Vintage White Relic
Pots: 250k 10% taper split
Switch: 5 way lever switch