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Fender Custom Shop Limited 1960 Tele Custom Thinline Relic in Aged Chartreuse Sparkle

Let the color draw you in and then let the tones make you fall rapturously in love! This chartreuse unicorn is a wonder to the eyes and ears...and hands. We really can't say enough about how outrageously much we love this piece down here at the Casino. From the matching headstock to the rope binding...oh my, and then you throw in our favorite hand wound 51 Nocaster pickups...I mean, c'mon! There is no joking when we say this one throws a one two punch in tone and looks like no other. 
The tone is vintage, tele, hallowed ground goodness. The look is almost 4 dimensional magic into a fantasy world. We couldn't decide if we wanted to play her or just stare at her. 
Now onto that sound. The tone really is a classic tele from the dawn fo the instrument. There is a vintage sound, soul, and voice to this guitar that is unique and familiar at the same time. It has the sound of the classic records from the 50's if those records fell down into the Mad Hatters playground.
The neck is insanely Smoot and comfortable with an impeccable fretjub to boot. 
Look no further or look away if you dare. This chartreuse beauty dares you not to fall in love.
Model Number: CS153300
Serial Number: CZ549775
Finish Package: Relic
Case: FCS Chocolate Tolex

Body Wood: Alder
Body Color: Aged Chartreuse Sparkle
Body Finish: Nitro Lacquer
Sort for Lightweight: No

Hardware Plating: Chrome/Nickel Hardware
Bridge Assembly: Tele 58-63 W/O P/U Relic
Output Assembly: Vintage Tele
Control Assembly: Fat 50's Tele Rear Load
Neck Plate: Engraved Ltd Ed Chrome Relic
Back Plate & Trem Cover: None
Tremolo Arm: None
Tremolo Arm Tip: None
Tuner Keys: Vintage w/ Fender Logo Relic
String Gauge: 10-46

Neck Assembly: 63 Tele CC/Relic
Neck Finish: Medium Tint Nitro
Neck Blank: Maple Rift Sawn
Fingerboard: maple
Truss Rod: 60's
Head Style: Tele
Neck Head Thickness: 0.575"
Neck Scoop: 60
Dot Spacing: Narrow
Face Dot: Micarta Black .250
Side Dot: Micarta Black 3/32
Fret Wire: Narrow Tall 6105 
Number of Frets: 21
Fingerboard Radius: 9.50 
Neck Back Shape: 60 Oval style C
Neck Nut Width: 1.650"
Neck Thickness at 1st Fret: .820"
Neck Thickness at 12th Fret: .890"
Neck Butt Width: 2.200"
Nut Material: Bone
Number of Bolts: 4
Head Cap Decal: 61-65 Tele
Pickguard: 60 Tele THinline p/b/p Nitro Relic
Pickup Neck: Hand Wired OP Loaded 51 Nocaster
Pickup Middle:None
Pickup Bridge: Hand Wired Loaded 51 Nocaster 
Control Knobs: Aluminum Knurled relic
Selector Switch Tip: Top Hat Tele Relic