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We are blown away at the advancements Fender has made with its new line of pedals! From when they unveiled the new line at NAMM to every new addition, we continue to find; improvements in quality, exciting new products, and impeccable design! Extreme tube driven pedals, gorgeous reverbs, and simplified power supplies; Fender is doing it all this time around (and they are doing it right.) Give us a call if you have any questions on these incredible boxes of fun!
-The Casino Crew

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Fender Bubbler Chorus Pedal


Fender Compugilist Compressor/Distortion Pedal


Fender Engager Boost pedal


Fender full moon distortion pedal


Fender Level Set Buffer Pedal


Fender Lost Highway phaser Pedal


Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal


Fender Mirror Image Delay pedal


Fender MTG Tube Tremolo Pedal


Fender MTG:LA Tube Distortion Pedal


Fender Pedal Power Supply Engine Room level 12


Fender Pour Over Envelope Filter Pedal


Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal


Fender Reflecting Pool Reverb and Delay Pedal


Fender Santa Ana Overdrive


Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Pedal


Fender The Bends Compressor


Fender The Pelt Fuzz pedal


Fender The Pinwheel Rotary Pedal


Fender The Trapper Fuzz pedal


Fender Tre-Verb Pedal