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JHS Pedals are now here at the Casino! We believe that JHS is doing some of the coolest things in the pedal world right now. Hand-wired Vintage style Fuzz pedals, Affordable effects for players on all paths, and a addictive Youtube show; SIGN US UP! They have classic sounds in their own line up, but Josh Scott does not let it stop there... He has crafted some of the finest pedals that showcase a glorious tonal history in one housing (via the Bonsai and Muffulleta) We are thrilled to have JHS in our shop and cannot wait to see what is to come from them next! Give us a call if you have any questions on these fine sound machines.
-The Casino Crew

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JHS 3 Series Chorus Pedal


JHS 3 Series delay pedal


JHS 3 Series Reverb Pedal


JHS Bonsai


JHS Colour box V2 pedal


JHS Double Barrel Pedal


JHS Legends of Fuzz Bender


JHS Legends of Fuzz Crimson


JHS Legends of Fuzz Smiley


JHS Legends of Fuzz Supreme


JHS Morning Glory Pedal


JHS Muffuletta Fuzz Pedal


JHS Space Commander Pedal


JHS Tremolo


JHS Unicorn Pedal