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EarthQuaker Devices The Warden Pedal

The Warden V2 keeps your dynamics in line. But it does so in eminently musical fashion. This EarthQuaker Devices' optical compressor pedal sports classic feedback-style circuitry and a feature set you'd expect to find on studio compressors. Built with high-grade components and internally powered by 18 volts, The Warden V2 has gobs of gain and sustain on tap. With total control over attack, release, sustain, and ratio, The Warden V2 delivers everything from heavy squash with quick attack and release to super-subtle compression. Optical compressors enjoy a reputation for having more character than VCA- or FET-based designs, this is absolutely true of the Warden as well. This pedal works equally as a guitar effect and a piece of recording gear. We here at the Casino have found that this pedals uses are endless.