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Fender MTG Tube Tremolo Pedal

A Tube Driven Monster of a Tremolo
The MTG Tube Tremolo by Fender is a masterful piece of vintage inspired tech wizardry! Built off of the vintage trem sounds from the amp greats of yesteryear, the MTG Tube Trem stores a lot of vibe in a sleek badass pedal.  Using a NOS 6205 Pre-amp tube, this amazing little wonder pushes to find nothing but brilliant tone! The MTG uses a typical 9V center-negative power supply, making it easy to integrate into any rig. Internally, a switch-mode power supply converts the incoming 9 volts to 55 volts and applies that higher voltage to the vacuum tube’s plate—just like an amplifier. Here at the Casino, we have found this to not only replicate those amazing vintage tremolo tones, but go above and beyond in functionality and diversity.

On the outside of this mighty box you will find a handful of controls to shape your tremolo to perfection. 

  • Level: Volume
  • Speed: Speed of the Tremolo Effect
  • Intensity: How present the Tremolo is to the dry guitar signal
  • Wave & Mode Switch: The Mode Switch allows you to choose from a vibing sine wave, cyclical triangle, to a rigid choppy square wave! The Wave control allows you to shape the wave of your choice!

The dedicated tap foot switch allows you to time the repeats to your music and ensure everything stays synced up with the band. If you've been on the hunt for a trem pedal that is flexible, affordable, and totally awesome... look no further the MTG Tube Tremolo is the one for you. 

(Fun Fact: MTG stands for Mind The Gap- Sean)