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Fender MTG:LA Tube Distortion Pedal

Genuine Tube-driven Distortion

Nothing beats the sound of tubes its what real-deal distortion is made of. That’s why the Fender MTG:LA Tube Distortion comes loaded with a genuine, U.S.-made NOS 6205 preamp tube. And once the tube starts cooking, you can shape your tone to perfection with Tone, Bass, Treble, and Tight controls. The MTG:LA differs from the MTG Tube Distortion with the inclusion of the Tone control, which lets you tame the highs. With the Treble and Bass controls at 12 o'clock, you tap into the MTG:LA's naturally punchier sound, and adding in the Tone control dials in an even fatter sound. Want more? How about a footswitchable Boost? This function is great for giving solos an extra kick to make them stand out. The MTG:LA Tube Distortion features a one-of-a-kind sound based on an all-original Fender circuit. Guitarists looking for an ultra-flexible, tube-driven distortion owe it to themselves to check it out.