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Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Pedal

Acoustic-voiced Overdrive Pedal with Cab Simulation

Acoustic guitars and other direct-out acoustic instruments can be tricky to saturate. An all-original Fender saturation circuit targeted specifically at acoustic instrument piezo pickups. The Smolder's wide gain range supports subtle tone enhancement to gentle chordal breakup and violin-like sustained leads. Onboard EQ and Tone controls voice this pedal to any acoustic instrument in your arsenal — guitar to mandolin — with a Level control to give even your dry acoustic tone a boost into the PA. Not only that, but onboard Blend (balances wet/dry signals) and Pickup Compensation (smooths out quackiness commonly associated with piezo pickups) controls in the Smolder Acoustic OD make this pedal as practical as it is colorful. There's even onboard cabinet simulation to add depth to distorted parts. It's all housed in a stage-ready brushed aluminum chassis with LED-backlit knobs (toggleable) for stage convenience and a classic amp jewel on-off LED for a touch of that classic Fender charm.