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Fender The Pelt Fuzz pedal

Fuzz is tasty — every guitarist on the planet loves splatty, glitchy fuzz. It's been a cornerstone of rock tone since the early days. If you want to add this indispensable sound to your pedalboard, the Fender Pelt Fuzz is a blue-ribbon choice. This silicon fuzz pedal has all the usual controls, such as Level, Fuzz, and Tone; but its Bloom control is what really sets it apart, allowing you to mold the contours of your sound. Beyond that, a Mid switch boosts or cuts your midrange for even more tonal textures, while a Thick switch injects your sound with a bit of girth and muscle. The Pelt is a killer fuzz. Guitarists in search of a new sonic secret weapon owe it to themselves to stomp on one.