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Fender full moon distortion pedal

Playing through a wimpy amplifier? Then stomp on a Fender Full Moon Distortion pedal. It'll transform your amp into a seething weapon of destruction. That said, the Full Moon Distortion isn't just brutality in a box — it's jam-packed with plenty of tone-shaping options. Sculpt your high-gain mayhem with a 3-band EQ, while you mold your high end with the Hi-Treb control. Enjoy both symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping with the Texture switch. Shift your upper mids and harmonics with the Bite switch. And when it's time to unleash sonic Armageddon, hit the second footswitch for +12dB of snarling post-gain Boost. Every amp has a snarling monster hidden inside. Waken it with the Full Moon Distortion.