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Mythos Airline Drive in Blue metallic

The Air Lane Drive is stripped down dual overdrive, it’s two independent sides, SUITE 8 and SUITE 9, are the same circuit that have been tweaked for our individual tastes. The MORE! and EVEN MORE! knobs only control the gain of each side of the pedal, but internally there is a set and forget master volume trimmer for each side. The gain circuit(s) in the Air Lane Drive are based around a single transistor topology. Each side features hard clipping diode arrangements that stack beautifully, yet never get in the way of your playing.

Each side is independent and can be used alone or together with SUITE 9 feeding into SUITE 8. We opted for this configuration so that the signal would always feel balanced and natural. There is no shortage of tones to be had from the Air Lane Drive, you can get a double booster, use one side as a drive with the other as a boost, vice versa, or just crank the gain on both sides and pummel all who oppose you.

SUITE 8, the Novo side, is a medium gain boost/drive with nice full bass and a present top end. SUITE 8 features Asymmetrical clipping for a nice smooth feel that has an amp liken compression.

SUITE 9, the Mythos side, features a slightly more aggressive feel, a slight bass cut, and smoother top end overall. SUITE 9 has a Symmetrical clipping arrangement with a NOS Germanium diode that makes the edge of the note and attack a little more hairy.

Lastly, you may be asking yourself why the tower and airplane on the artwork? Well, our parking lot has as huge tower in it and we’re near the airport so planes are constantly overhead! A neat little nod to where we build guitars and pedals! Every batch of the Air Lane Drive will feature a different color way. Batch #1 will be a lovely sky blue and is limited to 200 pieces.