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Pre Owned Chuck Levin's Anniversary Fender Telecaster


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Play A Classic Tonality That Stays Grounded - The Chuck Levin's 60th Anniversary Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Feels Like Home Early in our history, Chuck Levin's was lifted up and buoyed through a difficult time by the truly astonishing outpouring of support from this community and the loyal friendships built between us from 1958 until today. We wanted to mark this occasion and find ways to share in our travels with all of you -  on this, our 60th Anniversary together! 

For this 30 piece limited run celebrating our Chuck Levin's 60th Anniversary, we selected the color  combination of Bordeaux with a matching headstock, paired to gold hardware. Colors for these particular instruments were carefully chosen to imbue special meaning; to perhaps mix in just a little of our history along with one of our favorite instrument builds, and a way we could share it with those of you who know us so well.

More than a strikingly attractive finish combination, the royal colors of Bordeaux and Gold resonate as reflective imagery drawn from the moments of our rebirth as a business, and so commemorate such an important, if otherwise small footnote to our current story as a music store.  
These vibrant colors cause us to remember that together, we were able to rise again from the flames - so like that mystical phoenix - and with help from all of our friends, forge our future from within the aftermath of total incineration - literally, the burning flames of the riots had reduced our everything into nothing - in a blink. Just rubble, burnt wood and a few pieces of melted metal summed up our history. Only those few pieces remained of us, and a debt so large as to crush hope, alongside any memories of a well-loved, small music shop in DC.  
You certainly know the good news - Chuck Levin's spirit survived uncrushed. You were part of it. It was not the end of us - it was the proof. Even though "Washington Music Center" disappeared that day - plunged under flames and billowing smoke clouds into darkness - the generosity of our vendors combined with the overwhelming loyalty of our customers afforded us grace - we survived to give back; we never forget it.  
Blending the best of yesterdays with today, the Chuck Levin's 60th Anniversary Model is a shared inspiration offering from the Levin family and Fender Musical Instruments. Please enjoy these guitars and create your own part in making and sharing our history.  
This Telecaster is a tribute to the Chuck Levin's "Washington Music Center" origin. The best of yesterday and today, it is also the latest form of electric inspiration from Fender. Step up and make your claim on a legend.  
CUSTOM SHOP PICKUPS This Telecaster is equipped with two Fender Custom Shop hand-wound '58 single-coil tele pickups, supplying a pure warm tone while capably producing the time-honored Tele "snap".   
NECK PROFILE Designed for comfort and speed, we used an American Professional "Deep C" neck profile sporting substantial shoulders - somewhat between the "Modern C" shape and "U" shape profiles. An increased mass and altered geometry creates a more natural feel that’s equally perfect for chording as for single lines.  
These narrow-tall frets stand taller and narrower than their medium jumbo cousins, making them especially effective for note bends, and for playing chords up the neck with a more perfect intonation.  
BRIDGE This Telecaster bridge sports three compensated brass barrel saddles, for accurate intonation and the physics of a vintage informed tone. Combining the idea of vintage styling with a modern feel and performance, a redesigned "ashtray" cover stays out of your way, for easy palm-muting.  
TREBLE-BLEED CIRCUIT The treble-bleed circuit maintains high end when you've turned down the volume knob to reduce gain. That lets your tone shine through, no matter what your instrument’s volume setting.  
HARDSHELL CASE We provided a Fender Elite Molded Case featuring body-hugging contours to protect your instrument, TSA latches for increased security and nested stacking ability for both easy storage and secure transport.