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Pre Owned PRS McCarty 594 Artist Package (2019)


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or call: 910-725-0807
This is one of those rare birds (no pun intended) that we were thrilled to be able to offer to our customers. This Wood Library piece in Aquamarine is stunning beyond words. The figure and depth in the wood is outstanding and then they went and added not only a korina neck, but then put a Brazilian board on top just to make this that much more amazing! Honestly this is one of the best looking PRS Guitars we have seen in quite sometime. The original owner to this piece had the instrument for 3 months and decided he just wanted something different so this is also a rare chance to won a practically brand new instrument at an amazing discount. 

The 58/15 LT pickups interact brilliantly with the woods of this beast. I would compare this one to a sleeping dragon as it is very subtle, soft, adn sweet when you first get going on her but can easily kick into overdrive without a second thought. The is a warm and gummy compression in the neck pickup is a joy to play with and then the very "PAF" sounding bridge really does dial up the classic snarl you look for in a great bucker. The push pull feature really adds new sonic dimensions as well by allowing the single coil sound to live within this piece. 

The neck as we said is made of Korina and really plays brilliantly under the fingers. There is a nice snap imbued in the guitar we think in part due to this great piece of wood. And on top is a gorgeous and dark Brazilian Rosewood fretboard that just feels like butter in the hands. The hand selected mahogany back has gorgeous grain and this piece really comes in at a nice weight of 7.93 pounds. 

All in all, this is one of those pieces that really does sum up what a perfect PRS can do.