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(SOLD) PRS McCarty 594 Special Run Semi Hollow body Single cut Orange Tiger 10 Top

This is perhaps one of our favorite guitars to walk through this door! Firstly the top, yes the top is outrageously gorgeous but that isn't all...oh no. The feel...? It is outstanding and she is a PRS so there are no surprises there. But the sound, oh my the sound! This limited single cut sounds like a guitar from a different planet. There is a clarity that breaths air with every note in this guitar. The warmth is not at all muddled as we have sometimes heard with the semi hollow design. And the sustain is outstanding and unparalleled. 

From the moment we opened the case we knew we had a gorgeous work of art on our hands. But it wasn't until we plugged her in and let the engines roll that this Orange Tiger let her stripes show. This guitar can growl and sing with the best of them and we had no trouble dialing in fantastic tones within a minute of getting started. The treble side of the instrument is balanced and really cuts through without having to boost the trebles in your amp. And the guitar is light! We couldn't believe how refreshing it was to pickup this single cut with a breeze and have the feeling of playing on a cloud of air. 

The push pull is glorious and balanced as well here. We actually found this feature useful in finding different and practical tones. But the true magic really is in the full on humbuckers that make the McCarty a force to be reckoned with. Playing in the rhythm section has the snap and warmth that you would expect from a vintage style PAF pickup with a bit of magic sprinkled on top. While the bridge pickup can growl and get throaty in an instant or even handle a strange and sharp smoothness to get some nice clean passages out. 

And finally the top....This top is outrageously nice and retains the classic 10 top look on the bottom part of the guitar while turning into a fantastic beauty in the top section. We love the uniqueness in these pieces of wood and saw things from faces to warring ships to flights of birds in the grain. Again, we love love love this top! 

In the end, one of the best guitars to come through our doors in quite a bit and we are having a hard time telling Baxter that this guitar is not being reserved for him...each and every day.


  • Semi-hollow body adds a breathy tone and rich resonance to your playing
  • Beautiful figured maple 10-Top
  • Longer 24.594" scale length offers a unique feel
  • 58/15 LT (Low Turn) pickups deliver vintage humbucking and single-coil tones
  • 4-knob layout allows individual control of each pickup's volume and tone
  • Comfortable asymmetric Pattern Vintage neck carve
  • Updated Phase III locking tuners transfer more energy to the headstock