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D'Angelico Electrozinc Jazz 10-47 Strings


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Electrozinc Jazz 12's are ideal for the electric jazz guitarist. With a .52 for a low-E and a wound G-string, jazz players can count on strong bass while comping and a thick lead sound. Co-designed and engineered by D’Addario, Electrozinc marks the return of the partnership between these two legendary brands.

Today, D’Angelico and D’Addario have re-forged their storied partnership. Combining modern innovation with John D’Addario’s original designs, D’Angelico’s Electrozinc string is the truest tribute to Bethanized Steel since the original. And D’Addario’s EXP technology coats every string to maintain its classic tone even longer. Electrozinc will be available in six gauge variations, suiting players from all traditions—from hard rock to swinging jazz