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Fender Custom Shop Limited 1956 Heavy Relic Stratocaster Faded Sonic Blue


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A gracefully aged, pure to the bone nut, tuneful soul machine has arrived and is ready for the loving hands of a player to be placed upon her. This is a fine example of what only the Fender Custom Shop can do....and did they do it right here!

From the checking finish to the perfectly aged neck they have built a machine here that transcends a standard instrument. It truly feels as though you are playing a piece of history here as the "strat" like chime come roaring through on this instrument. The sounds when played through a clean tube amp are unmistakably 1950's Fender. There is a chime, warmth, and compression all available at your fingertips here. 

Playability wise this is a fantastic guitar if you are looking for a less than "meaty" 10/56 V neck. We here at the Casino love the 10/56 neck carve. This one is one of the smaller 10/56 carves we have played and we absolutely love it! It plays and feels smaller than the specs bely. And there is a slow and gradual increase in width as you move up to the 12th fret. It isn't slow like a Teles "U" but slow and proper for a strat. 

The pickups interact brilliantly with both a pick and the fingers. There is a subtlety in this guitar that is a pure joy to explore. We really really loved it with the cleans as we explored deep reverbs and dry Buddy Holly tones. With a touch of dirt or overdrive you can really get into the early strat Clapton sounding tones. The tones of position 2 & 4 are unbelievably Fender and can mount any rhythmic needs and leads moments with a slight bit of dirt. 

The relic work on this instrument is subtle as well and really reveals itself the more you go over the guitar. The checking is throughout but can be lost to the eye from a distance with the light blue paint. We felt as if the finish wanted to come off just during our demo which is soomething we love about playing vintage instruments. When we have a 1950's or 60's strat in our hands there is this sense that the finish and lacquer is falling off as we play and this guitar feels the same. Needless to say, we love it!

In the end this is one special strat for someone looking for a quintessential "Strat" sounding Fender. The playability, the tone, and the look is stellar and we hope you give her spin if you are looking for a beautifully battered lady such as this.

  • Heavy Relic Lacquer Finish
  • Faded Sonic Blue
  • Lightweight Ash Body with Deep Contours 
  • 1-Piece Tinted Quartersawn Maple Neck
  • 10/56 "V" Carve
  • 9.5" Radius
  • 6105 Frets
  • Hand-wound 1956 Pickups with Reverse Polarity Middle Pickup
  • 5 Way Switch
  • Vintage Modified #2 Wiring with Tone Saver Treble Bleed Circuit
  • Single Ply Eggshell Pickguard
  • Vintage Style Hardware
  • Bone Nut
  • Disk String Tree
  • Deluxe Hardshell Case, Strap, COA, Etc.