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PRS Guitars Hand Selected McCarty 594 10 Top River Blue Smoke Burst


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PRS Guitars Hand Selected McCarty 594 10 Top River Blue Smoke Burst


?Another outstanding example of what we can bring home with our wee hands sleeting the best and boldest form the Vaults of the PRS masterminds! We proudly present this McCarty 595 in River Blue Smoke Burst. Now first off, this color should not even be available in a non Private Stock or Artist Package. How did this happen? Well dare I say the Gods of guitar lovers smiled down upon us when they created this custom built instrument and we were the first to see her and thus snatch her up immediately! 

The 10 Top Maple is mesmerizing and almost rocks you back and forth into a sweet slumber on the open oceans as the grains create crests and falls into the dark blue edges before you reach the gorgeous raw maple cut that serves as our binding. 

The tones that pour out of this guitar are pure, powerful, and organic to the last drop. We couldn't help ourselves from just dialing the amp up loud and then using the volume of the instrument to bring us from warm clean milk to the screaming moans of high powered overdrive. The low turn pickups really provide a phenomenally vintage character with a modern twist. The mid ranges sing but we cant stop there. The highs and lows of this beast will not be silenced. The boom comes from both the treble and bass pickups and the highs are there without ever being piercing. The PAF feel of these pickups are truly remarkable. 

The neck is a wonderful example of taking its cues from the past as well but giving us a carve that is not just a historical clone but rather a working tool for a modern player. The Pattern Vintage necks tis perfectly in the palm and allows for hours of effortless play while also supplying a nice tonal kick through its presence. 

All in all this is another example of why we cannot keep our hands of the PRS guitars. They play great, sound great, and look as if a Viking warrior of old had a dream and the perfect piece of art and musical weaponry was crafted in Valhalla for them. 

  • New design from Paul Reed Smith and quickly one of the most Popular
  • Beautiful figured maple top
  • Shorter 24.594" scale length offers a slinky feel
  • 58/15 LT (Low Turn) pickups deliver vintage humbucking and single-coil tones
  • 4-knob layout allows individual control of each pickup's volume and tone
  • Comfortable asymmetric Pattern Vintage neck carve
  • Updated Phase III locking tuners transfer more energy to the headstock
  • Hand Selected Custom Color
  • Deluxe PRS Case