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Supro 1606 Super - 5-watt 1x8" Tube Combo


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There is a magic in the tone of a small tube combo that has been cranked up — a combo such as the original Supro 1606 1 x 8" guitar amplifier. With the release of this 1606 reissue, many of those huge-sounding tones of rock 'n' roll history can be yours with a simple twist of the amp's lone volume control. The character of the amp lies in its simplicity. Without other circuitry between the input and output, you'll hear and feel the true tone of your guitar in a brand-new way. And the custom-crafted 8" speaker absolutely nails the detail that made the original 1606s the classics that they are.


  • Compact combo amp with huge guitar tones
  • 5 watts are perfect for cranked overdrive at moderate volumes
  • Incredibly short signal path ensures your tone stays pristine
  • Custom-engineered 8" speaker by Supro, Eminence, and Iowa State University
  • High-quality JJ preamp and power tubes
  • Vintage-correct cabinetry