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Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny Pedal

Reverb Modes:

Abyss: Huge reverb with no octave

Shimmer: Adds an Upper Octave to the Reverb Tail
Sub: Adds a Lower Octave to the Reverb Tail
Sub Shimmer: Adds an upper and lower octave to the Reverb Tail
Astral: Adds an Upper and Lower Octave combined with a regenerating Tail
Ascend: Upward Pitch Bending 
Descend: Downward Pitch Bending
Cosmos: Adds a Regenerating Fifth to the Reverb Tail

Other Controls: 

Preset: Allows for up to 8 Savable presets
Length: Length of Saucy Reverberation Decay
Depth: Depth and Intensity of Chorus Effect
Rate: rate of Chorus Effect
Tone: Boost treble Clockwise, Cuts Counterclockwise (Center is Flat)
Mix: Level of Reverb; dry to wet
Activate Switch: On/off
Stretch Switch: double the length of reverb while change in pitch as well
EXP: Expression pedal jack! for hooking up the Expression pedal of course!!!