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PRS Guitars HandSelected Artist Package McCarty 594 Brazilian Board Makena Blue


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 This piece is a rare bird in every possible way. Our inside sleuth at the PRS factory alerted us to a gorgeous piece that had just been completed and its intoned dealer would not be able to take her. We immediately snatched the opportunity to get a piece that will no longer be able to be made without entering the Private Stock world.

The gorgeous flame maple top is just the surface of what makes this spectacular instrument tick. We spoke with the small team that had their hands on this piece and they all commented on the special properties that led to a great combinations of tone woods. If you are looking for a P-90 based tonal powerhouse than tonal Nirvana is in your hands with this McCarty 594. 

The Mahogany gives a great warmth to the punch of the flamed maple that perfectly pairs with the P-90s placed within her. There is no mistaking you are playing a phenomenal instrument when you place your hands on the pattern vintage neck and strike your first note. The Neck pickup has that warm lush push that you would expect with a slight touch of magic as the lows don't overpower the tone. There is an evenness that is often lacking in the P=90 guitars we have played and this girl takes that problem completely out of the picture. The bridge has an unmistakable growl that can ebb and flow with a pick or your fingers to get you right in that sweet spot of clean and a bit of bite. The evenness of the two pickups work perfectly together and the levels transition smoothly as well. 

This instrument comes with a Brazilian board. PRS is no longer offering this as an option for Artist Package instruments so we swooned at this possibility as we are all Brazilian junkies. Not just for the beauty but we again believe there is a bit of the vintage build magic imbued by putting in this fretboard. The cast zinc bridge allows for a better tone transference than the normal plated ones. There are Phase III Tuners, PRS/Seymour Duncan Pickups, upgraded ripple abalone birds inlays,  a Deluxe PRS Hard Case and much much more in this tonal monster. 

Give us a call or a note to find out more on this inceredibly special piece and until then, continue to stare and enjoy:)