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ToneTuga FX Salvage Fuzz

The EQ offers versatility beyond what you’d expect from a typical Fuzz. With the High control set from 8-10 you can achieve a sort of Prog Rock-esque “Pushed Cleans”. From 1-3 on the Lowcontrol you will find no shortage of amp shaking bass content. I encourage everyone to experiment, in depth, with the EQ. This pedal has A LOT to offer!

Semi Clean Clarity, Filthy Texas Blues, and Experimental Dirt are all achievable within the Salvage Fuzz.


Vol: Output Volume

Fuzz: Blends Fuzz into the base Distortion tone.

Low: Bass Cut

High: Treble Content

Current Draw ~10mA

 **Power using 9VDC Standard Polarity power supply**