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Welcome to the "Collection" at Casino Guitars. Two years in the making, a collaboration between Echopark Guitars and Casino resulted in a hand selected group of guitars with the best tone woods and the unique designs and high level craftsmanship. These guitars are available only at Casino Guitars and mark a new chapter for Echopark and Casino. 

For a modern playing instrument that looks firmly to the future with a serious nod to the past, look no further than Echopark Guitars. If you are seeking a handmade instrument that bleeds soul and oozes tone, you have found it. Each and every instrument that is created by Gabriel Currie for Echopark Guitars® is the product of a deeply bred lineage of craftsmanship. For a guitar built with love in mind; for a piece of art that has been coddled and cared for from its inception; for a practical yet dynamic tool that is second-to-none for making music; welcome yourself into the ever-expanding world of handmade Echopark Guitars.